Nicole spent her childhood learning about herbs and teas from her grandmother and backpacking through the wilderness with her father. The closeness to nature, whether gathering stinging nettles for baths and teas or being taught different plants while hiking, is what fueled her passions. Nicole loved the way nature affected her mind, body, and soul.

After a decade of real estate, and no personal satisfaction, Nicole found out she was pregnant and decided to take life in a new direction. She graduated from the Euro Institute, specializing in holistic skin care, as well as the art of sugaring. Nicole uses a natural approach to tackling ailments for all skin types, and enjoys helping clients feel happy and beautiful. She is an expert at sugaring and it's natural ability to exfoliate and prevent ingrown hairs.

Nicole loves spending time outdoors with her beautiful daughter, Willow. On the side, she also runs a business called West Coast Willow, which offers natural skin care products, tinctures, essences, medicinal and non-medicinal teas all hand made in small batches.